Below are some common questions asked about being a host and providing parking through the Bayz service. If your queries are not satisfactorily addressed by these, then please e-mail us at info@bayzparking.com and we will be pleased to address your concerns and comments.

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    • Bayz is a mobile web- and app-based service that provides parking supplied by our host partners (hotels, condominiums and condominium residents) to the public to access and park in. Bayz targets city centre areas that people commute to frequently. Parkers using the Bayz system can subscribe by the month, or book their parking space in advance with cashless payment through the Bayz mobile app.

    • We pay our hosts using a bank-to-bank electronic transfer.

    • Most of the parking fees generated are paid to you and we retain a smaller share. For hotels and other commercial establishments, we keep our share low because you will typically provide more parking spaces through Bayz.

    • For subscription parking, there is no facility for you to take your parking space back temporarily unless you agree with your subscribed parker.

      For hourly parking, this is simple. Sign in and visit your host dashboard on our website. As a private host, you can make your space unavailable at any time and with no penalty. This is always up to you. Of course, when your parking space is unavailable you are not making money through Bayz.

      Likewise, for hotels and other commercial establishments that have upcoming events, you can reduce the number of hourly parking spaces available through Bayz at any time and without penalty. Again, during these periods you will be unable to make as much money through Bayz.

    • Subscription hosts will earn a more stable income from their parking space(s). However, there will be no facility for you to take your spaces back when you need them. This makes subscription parking unsuitable for hotels that have events and conferences, or for people that want their private parking space back for a weekend to cater for visiting friends or family.

      Hourly parking promises to earn more income for Bayz hosts and offers full flexibility in terms of managing your parking spaces around events conferences for hotels, and visiting family and friends as a private host.

    • As a subscription host, you will receive parking fee earnings in advance.

    • For private subscription parking hosts, you will need to meet your monthly subscriber to hand over your access card or device and show them your space, and again to collect your access card or device once they choose to not renew with your parking space. We will provide each of you with contact details and the rest is up to you two!

      For hotels and other commercial establishments offering subscription parking through Bayz, you may already have parking access cards that you issue to season parkers. Your subscribers will need to collect these from you at the commencement of their Bayz parking contract. We can also identify your subscribed parkers with windscreen stickers.

    • Hourly hosts will receive parking fee earnings at the end of each month.

    • For hourly parking hosts, access will vary from building to building. For buildings that have a parking attendant or security guards at the entry and exit point, we provide tablet devices that enable them to identify Bayz parkers as they arrive and to confirm cashless payment prior to departure.

      Bayz Parking will install simple wireless hardware at the entry and exit points of more automated buildings, which will communicate with your smart phone to automatically grant entry and exit to the right parkers.

    • For hourly parking where demands can vary from day-to-day, Bayz Parking keeps track of the number of spaces available in each building and as bookings are made, we subtract those booked spaces from the total. When the total number of spaces still available in a building approaches zero (typically around four or five), that building will no longer be visible through the Bayz system to parkers looking to make a booking. In this way, we can manage and prevent over-booking.

    • This is called 9 to 5 parking and means that you can earn income from your parking space during weekdays when you yourself have vacated your parking space to drive to your own place of work. This is a slightly more complex operating model which requires diligence from all parties involved. However, it truly optimises parking spaces in high demand areas.

    • This will happen from time-to-time and you will simply need to find an empty Bayz parking space for that time. We will always leave a small number of spaces as reserve in each building to cater for such an eventuality. Bayz will work constantly to educate its 9 to 5 parkers about vacating your parking space on time. We are working on a better solution and would love to hear your ideas (e-mail us at info@bayzparking.com).

    • If you are a condominium owner or tenant and have one or more parking spaces that you do not use, then you can register yourself as a private host along with your spaces in the Bayz system. You can register your parking space on a subscription (monthly) basis or on an hourly parking basis. At the same time, you can set yourself up as a parker too!

      For hourly hosts, visit your dashboard in the Bayz system whenever you need your space back for visiting friends or family!

    • For private condominium hosts offering hourly parking, we will place a sticker at your parking space to clearly identify it as a Bayz parking space to Bayz parkers and others. If you are a private condominium host on a subscription parking basis, you will need to show each subscribing parker where your space is. This will only need to happen once a month at most!

    • We don't. Bayz pools all private, hourly parking spaces in each building and pays each Bayz private hourly host an equal share of the parking fees for that building each month. It does not matter if nobody parks in your space, you will still receive your share of your building’s Bayz income. It’s all about keeping it simple.

      Of course, those private hosts that have made their parking space unavailable during the month will receive a smaller share as calculated by us.

    • Bayz Parking is looking to get a good number of registered condominium residents and owners before approaching each building management. So register now and tell all of your friends, and we will work with your building management to find a way to bring Bayz to you.

    • If you are a hotel or other commercial establishment with a car parking facility, first you need to identify how many parking spaces you want to make available through the Bayz system. Remember that you can adjust this at any time, because we know that hotels frequently have events and conferences. Simply register your establishment and then enter this number of parking spaces into the Bayz system.

      Visit your dashboard in the Bayz system whenever you need your spaces back for an event or conference!

    • For hotels and other commercial establishments, the Bayz parking spaces will simply be part of the normal parking pool and parkers can park anywhere as is normal in such buildings.