Need parking?

Want more parking options?

Get more parking options in popular locations in major cities at competitive prices! After registering with Bayz Parking, here's what you do to easily get access to our cheapest parking spaces:

  • Step One

    Tell us where you want to go

    In our website or through our mobile app, use our search engine in the navigation bar to find your destination. We will show you all of the Bayz parking spaces within your selected walking distance.

  • Step Two

    Choose and book

    Pick the one that best suits your criteria, and book it. That's it! You can change your criteria at any time through your Bayz dashboard.

  • Step Three

    Get together

    Once you have booked your parking space, we will provide you with contact details for your Bayz host. You will be able to discuss any questions and make an appointment to receive the access card or device.

  • Step Four

    Validate and pay

    After meeting with your Bayz host and receiving the access card or device, you will need to confirm this exchange via your Bayz dashboard. We will then deduct from you the booking fee for your parking plus any access device deposit required by your Bayz parking host.

  • Last Step

    Park at your leisure

    You are now free to park in your booked Bayz parking space as and when you like, for the duration of your Bayz subscription period. Upon completion of your Bayz subscription period, you will be required to hand back the access card or device.